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3 Ways to Boost Company and Customer Morale During the Holidays

Posted by IFCO Systems
December 02, 2015

Social and environmental responsibility programs offered by companies resonate with customers and the communities in which they operate, as well as with employees. These programs forge stronger ties with customers, and help validate companies as employers of choice for a new generation of highly coveted job seekers. Simply put, such initiatives are good business.

While these positive initiatives should be a priority year-round, the holidays present a particularly unique time for companies to take on activities that will boost the morale of not only their employees, but also give their customers a reason to feel reaffirmed in continuing their business through the New Year. Here are 3 ways companies in the fresh supply chain can “do good” by their employees, customers and communities this holiday season:

  1. Make Work Places Safer

Why not give your employees the gift of additional safety and security as you enter 2016? As we strive to create safer, more sustainable workplaces from grower through to retailer, one clear need is the reduction of musculoskeletal (MSD) injuries through better ergonomics practices. One ergonomics thought leader recently suggested attention to five key “must-haves,” including ergonomic seating, height-adjustable work stations, lifting assists, ergonomics training, and the help of professional ergonomists.

One straightforward ergonomics improvement can be realized through the use of IFCO RPCs. With ergonomic handles, ease of stacking, and load stability, IFCO RPCs can play a key role in supporting your ergonomics program.

  1. Support Your Local Non-profit

Supporting the community in which you operate is a cornerstone of social responsibility. Through our efforts to reduce food waste, IFCO actively supports local food banks in our markets around the world on an ongoing basis. Perhaps your employees can form a team to help distribute food at a local food bank, for example. By supporting volunteerism, this type of effort will not only help your community, but will boost morale and encourage team bonding. You can find your closest food bank here.

  1. Create Change through Collaboration

The choice to collaborate with other businesses in the community that align with yours or a proven change program can be a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Studies have shown that 89% of US consumers will switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality. Consider aligning with a cause in your local community to host a fundraiser or event. This can generate goodwill among your employees and potential consumers of your products in your local area. For example, IFCO Systems partners with Growing Forward with Feeding America™ as a means to impact positive social change in our key North American markets.

Businesses can and should play a major role in helping their communities, and this is a time of year when focus on giving back and caring for your neighbor is top of mind for many. At IFCO, we firmly believe corporate activity and social responsibility go hand in hand.

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