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4 Reasons to Love the New IFCO Wood Grain RPC

Posted by IFCO Systems
April 13, 2016

The first of an anticipated 30 million IFCO Wood Grain Reusable Plastic Containers have officially entered the supply chain! Kings River Packaging in Sanger, CA was the first Walmart supplier to receive the containers. The containers were designed to Walmart specifications with feedback from growers, so there’s a lot to love, and we hope you will agree. Here are 4 reasons to love the new Wood Grain RPCs:

  • Additional vertical ribbing, more ventilation and enhanced latching – IFCO Wood Grain RPCs have reinforced U-channels, superior cross-stacking strength, enhanced latches and a smooth interior. These RPCs also have three times the ventilation over the competition.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Just like traditional RPCs, IFCO Wood Grain RPCs have an aesthetic appeal that helps them transition seamlessly from transportation and storage to in-store display. Studies show consumers are attracted to produce displays using RPCs because it appears neat, clean and fresh. IFCO Wood Grain RPCs offer product protection and the appealing look consumers naturally gravitate toward.
  • Made in the USA – IFCO’s Wood Grain RPCs are 100% sourced and proudly manufactured in America. IFCO Wood Grain RPCs are cleaned and sanitized at one of six U.S. service centers throughout their life cycle.
  • Superior Design - IFCO’s Wood Grain RPCs are a product of decades of manufacturing expertise, and superior industrial design. IFCO has invested millions of dollars in the development of the containers and have performed, months-long real world and laboratory testing to verify their functionality and product protection capabilities.

We hope you will keep an eye out for the new Wood Grain RPCs in the produce department at Walmart.