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Can I Buy IFCO RPCs?

Posted by IFCO Systems
July 27, 2016

When you see a product as well-engineered, practical and versatile as the IFCO RPC, people’s imaginations open to the possibilities. In fact, requests have come from throughout the supply chain from grower to retail to ask about buying them.

And while IFCO RPCs would be extremely handy for storing your personal collection of vintage CDs or helping with your next household move, that’s not the way pooling works. IFCO delivers on its promise of helping retailers and producers reduce costs and increase sales by maximizing efficiency, product protection, sustainability, and safety throughout their supply chains. Those benefits are only made possible through the repeated reuse of RPCs strictly in their intended range of applications through IFCO’s rental program.

In a nutshell, IFCO rents sanitized, and quality assured RPCs to shippers. These companies then erect the RPCs to fill them with fresh products such as produce, eggs, baked goods and display ready meat. Those products are shipped to retailers, where the RPCs are emptied as the product is sold. They are effortlessly folded flat and stacked in preparation of being picked up by IFCO. RPCs are returned to one of 6 U.S. IFCO service centers where they are sanitized and readied for reissue to the next renter.

Best in class pallet or reusable plastic container providers, including IFCO, always retain ownership of their assets throughout their useful lives.

One cautionary note, even if your company does not typically use IFCO RPCs, they always belong to IFCO. As such, empty RPCs must be made available for return. If you end up with empty IFCO RPCs and are not sure how to return them, call the toll-free telephone number listed on the crates to arrange pickup. The unauthorized reuse, stockpiling or selling of IFCO RPCs is illegal. It is imperative to return them to IFCO so supply chain operations can be optimized.

If you like RPCs as much as we do, and see their value in other applications such as in-house material handling or household organization, you may wish to explore the possibility of purchasing your own collapsible handheld containers. Larger quantities can be purchased from reusable plastic packaging manufacturers and distributors. For individuals, collapsible, hand-held plastic crates are now increasingly available in a number of office supply retail locations.

Whether you are considering RPC rental services delivering your products in the most efficient means possible to the marketplace, or purchasing non-IFCO RPCs for other purposes, just be mindful that not all RPCs or RPC providers are created equal. Be sure to weigh quality, service and the overall value proposition in your decision-making process.

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