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Do Shoppers Perceive Produce Differently Based on Display?

Posted by IFCO Systems
July 30, 2015

Think RPCs merchandised at the retail level don’t have an effect on shopper perceptions? Think again! A study conducted in December 2012 asked US grocery shoppers about their preferences between produce displayed in RPCs and the same produce in cardboard boxes. The study found that shoppers perceive produce displayed in RPCs to be fresher, higher quality.

• 76% say RPC displays are more attractive

• 60% think produce displayed in RPCs appears fresher

• 61% think produce displayed in RPCs appears of higher quality

• 51% said they would pay more for produce displayed in RPCs

• 68% said they would prefer to shop RPC displays

When asked “Why do you prefer [your preferred] display?”, respondents who preferred RPC displays frequently mentioned the display container specifically as the reason for their preference, while respondents who preferred corrugated displays only rarely cited the boxes themselves as the reason for their preference.

The most frequent adjectives used to describe the RPC displays and produce in them were variations of: clean, organized, neat, and fresh. Consumers are also increasingly becoming concerned with environmental impact. The “conscious consumer” discussed in research from the Food Marketing Institute, is a growing demographic in the United States, with 88% of consumers self-identifying as a conscious consumer. 86% of consumers said they identify well with the term “environmentally friendly.”

The study found that consumers are looking to make more informed decisions about the products they buy and the companies they support. For growers-shippers and retailers, this means sharing your sustainability practices regularly, putting conscious consumers at ease with shopping at your stores or selecting your brand on the shelf over other brands.

If you’re a grower or retailer looking for a high-impact merchandising solution that provides branding opportunities that will catch consumers’ attention, the Fresh Market Advantage™ program is for you. These merchandising solutions engage shoppers and boost produce sales. Add your logo, branding and messages to a variety of wraps and banners. IFCO is also currently working to develop crates with a “wood” look or finish, which initial studies have shown consumers identify as being “fresh from the farm.”

Stay tuned for more information about the wood RPCs, and contact Susan Atwater with questions regarding the Fresh Market Advantage™ program.

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