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Eliminating NonValue-Added Activities in the Produce Department

Posted by IFCO Systems
March 16, 2016

What is a nonvalue-added activity?

According to business process experts, these are activities which can be eliminated without impairing the process, service or product offered. For fresh produce clerks at the retail level, deleting actions that do not contribute to a better customer experience means more time to actually help shoppers find the specialty items they are looking for, or to keep a closer watch on stock levels. How many produce clerks would love to have that ability?

One of the main advantage of RPCs is that they help provide produce clerks with more time to engage customers. While this might seem obvious, think about how much time is wasted in nonvalue-added activities such as manual stocking or feeding the cardboard baler at the back of the store. Here’s how RPCs can help eliminate nonvalue-added activities for your produce department:

  • RPCs have ergonomic handholds, which provide safer, more efficient handling for produce clerks looking to spend more time helping customers.
  • Put away your box cutter: “One touch” stocking allows the clerk to simply pick up the RPC and set it into position, eliminating the tedious process of cutting open cartons, emptying them, and building displays.
  • Stock rotation is also much more efficiently accomplished with RPCs. When the RPCs are empty, they are collapsed and brought to the back of the store to be palletized. The use of RPCs eliminates the trek to the back of the shop to place cardboard boxes in the baler and waxed cardboard in the garbage compactor.
  • RPCs also help reduce the activity of sorting and culling unsaleable product. The superior ventilation of RPCs provides quicker cooling, which translates into longer shelf life while the sturdy construction of RPCs results in reduced mechanical damage of product.
  • Research has shown that the use of RPCs reduces product damage by 94% versus corrugate. The result is less time spent culling and more time to spend with customers.

So for retailers, when you place RPCs of fresh produce on the shelf in your produce department, you are setting in play a powerful ripple of benefits with customer engagement and cost reduction implications. If you’d like to learn more about how RPCs can improve your business, download this information for growers & retailers.

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