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How RPCs Can Help Your Company Create Positive Change

Posted by IFCO Systems
September 23, 2015

Small sustainability successes can be a stepping stone to greater change, and businesses are increasingly recognizing that active participation in social and environmental change initiatives is the right thing to do for their long term success.

If your company wants to pursue effective change in the supply chain, it is important to understand the three enabling components of motivation, capability, and opportunity. Think about your organization and how these enablers can be aligned to help your initiatives succeed, powered by a supportive corporate vision, proactive policies and the empowerment of your people. Additionally, sometimes it pays to start small. While large initiatives can be daunting, targeting smaller projects, or looking to participate in proven initiatives can prove to be a more effective path to building positive momentum in your organization. With this in mind, here are some ways RPCs can help bolster your social and environmental responsibility efforts:

  • RPCs will help you to implement additional cold chain best practices, including attention to field and packing sheds and maintaining temperature throughout the supply chain.
  • RPCs provide better protection, ventilation, consume less water and produce 82% less solid waste than corrugated containers.
  • Switching to RPCs will help to reduce water usage. Cardboard box systems use more water during the production of new boxes (regardless of recycled content) and during the recycling and disposal phases. RPC systems will consume 92% less water through their use.
  • RPC systems lower ozone depletion by 76%. Participating in an IFCO RPC program is also beneficial because IFCO recently reduced its fleet fuel efficiency by 17 percent by replacing most tandem-axle tractors with single-axis models, limiting speed to 65mph and reducing idle time to 5 minutes.

As much as change can be difficult, the pursuit of impactful social and environmental transformation will increasingly be business as usual, and the journey will be ongoing. Fortunately, simple steps such as collaboration with cause marketing initiatives, other members of the fresh supply chain, and through selection of sustainable packaging systems, it is easy to get started on the road to making a difference for the better.

Did you know that IFCO has an environmental calculator that can help you compare the environmental impact of your specific packaging selection, as well as the potential for damage reduction? Contact us at info.na@ifco.com to learn more about the calculator and how RPCs can support sustainability.

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