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IFCO Featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland®

Posted by IFCO Systems
December 21, 2016

In case you missed it, IFCO CEO Wolfgang Orgeldinger recently appeared on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland® to discuss how IFCO delivers fresh foods safely around the world. In the interview, Wolfgang details why our RPCs are the responsible choice for a healthier planet.

Walmart5-060161-edited.pngShawn Baldwin, SVP Produce, Floral, Global Food Sourcing - Walmart U.S., also appears to discuss why Walmart chooses to use RPCs. In the interview, he explains:

  • RPCs have better ventilation which allows produce to cool faster, and they prevent damage to the product.
  • RPCs are ergonomic – they are easier to stack which cuts down on logistics and labor costs.
  • RPCs reduce costs long term which allows Walmart to pass that down to their customers.
  • RPCs allow Walmart to support their commitment to the environment by producing 85% less waste compared to corrugate alternatives.

Click below to watch the full interview and learn more about how IFCO can help your fresh food business grow: