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IFCO RPC Label Compliance is in Full Effect: What You Need to Know

Posted by IFCO Systems
December 01, 2016

To help facilitate compliance with new regulations to implement FSMA, CanadaGAP® including the FDA Produce Safety Rule, and the FDA Preventative Controls for Human Food rule, IFCO is pleased to announce a new compliant label and adhesive program.

This new label policy will allow IFCO Systems to comply with the evolving food safety and quality requirements of the food supply chain, as well as the high quality standards of our customers.

IFCO has defined compliant labels authorized for use on RPCs.  The specification for compliant labels is set forth in the IFCO Label Adhesive Specification Requirements document and is available from your IFCO sales representative.

Effective December 1, 2016, the use of any label outside the compliant label definition will be considered unfit for use and subject to enforcement action. These new labels will ensure greater removability in the wash cycle, with zero adhesive residue, and ultimately result in much higher quality RPCs for everyone.

Compliant labels can be obtained through any of the authorized label providers found at www.IFCO.com, or by following the standards found in the IFCO Label Adhesive Specification Requirements document, available through your IFCO sales representative or contact us at RPC.CustomerSvc@ifco.com.

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