Fresher for longer: Studies confirm IFCO RPCs extend shelf life

Recent studies confirm that IFCO reusable plastic containers (RPCs) can extend the shelf life of fresh produce in comparison to single use packaging by up to four days. For retailers and growers, this means that incorporating IFCO RPCs into your supply chain can lead to reduced spoilage, less waste and better quality of products for your customers.

Download the PDF to learn:

  • Expanded explanation and findings from the IFCO RPC Shelf Life Study
  • Why fruits and vegetables packed in IFCO RPCs remain firmer, show less mold, have fresher vines and stems
  • How ventilation provided by IFCO RPCs is key to maintaining proper cold chain temperature and moisture along the entire supply chain
  • How much IFCO RPCs extend the shelf life of melons, tomatoes, mushrooms, and grapes
  • What IFCO RPCs could mean for the shelf life of your produce and ultimately, increased sales for your business

Read the whitepaper: