Keep your perishable products safe with sanitized packaging

Whether you are a grower, shipper, wholesaler or a retailer, the safety and quality of perishable products as they travel through the supply chain is integral to the integrity of your business. This whitepaper will help you understand how IFCO RPCs play a critical role in keeping your products in top shape with sanitized packaging during their journey. Download the whitepaper to learn how from IFCO North America’s Director of Food Safety, Jeff Mitchell.

Read the whitepaper to learn:

  • What happens inside IFCO RPC wash plants
  • Safety monitoring and testing that occurs within the wash process to keep your products safe
  • Energy and water consumption reduction and the sustainability benefits to your company
  • The importance of proper handling at customer locations to ensure safety for all
20170329_103834-979539-edited.jpg Jeff Mitchell has more than
twenty-six years of experience
in food safety and public health.
For 20 years he worked for the
United States Department of
Defense. Before turning to the
private sector, he last served as
a Command Food Safety Officer
and worked in partnership with
the USDA and the FDA regarding
food safety policy, HACCP
implementation, and regulatory

Read the whitepaper: